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Self Protection

The fear of being mugged or hijacked is one all South Africans share, due to the high rate of crime in this country.

Investing in some personal protection items like pepper spray and mace is essential and can make you feel more secure.


Indoor Protection

How protected are you are at work and at home?

These are the two places where you’re likely to spend the greatest proportion of your time. It’s not surprising then that indoor protection constitutes one of the most important layers of security.


Outdoor Protection

Your best defense against an intruder is to detect his presence even before he enters your home or business.

There are several ways to make outdoor protection work for you ranging from electronic beams, and outdoor passive detectors, to alarms and CCTV cameras



Perimeter protection, which deters criminals, is an investment which is likely to bring you significant return.

This type of protection lets you know that an intruder is near. It also acts as a deterrent, letting the intruder know that the area surrounding your home or business is under strict monitoring and well-secured.



Welcome to Security Hyperstore

What started out as a small business in 2002 has now grown into a multi-million rand business and we, at Security Hyperstore, are still growing!  Looking back almost 12 years ago we started our humble business out of a garage size shop and an idea. Since then we have established 4 retail outlets in some of Durbans major malls, moved into a 1000 square meter property and are still looking for bigger space.

The number one reason for our success is you, the customer.  We value your business and are proud to help keep you, your property, and your family safe. We have many customers throughout Durban, the rest South Africa and abroad who keep coming back.  We believe they come back because of plain and simple outstanding customer service.

From our hardworking customer representatives, experienced technicians, and prompt delivery we want you to have a good experience right from the start. If visiting our branches or website is new to you the chances are the more you discover the more you too will keep coming back. 

Our success has been no fluke, we simply out rank the competition. That's because it's our mission to help you know everything about building and maintaining your own home security system from wireless outdoor alarm kits, surveillance kits to biometric door locks.

Whether you are a new customer or an established one, we invite you to visit our strategically located stores and see what's new. We add new products every week and have started to re-invent our online shopping website so that you become more informed of each product and decide what is right for you. With Security Hyperstore, you can be 'rest secured' that dependable and prompt service is just our way of life.


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