PinPointX Pink

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    Product Description
    • GPS Locator with ability to send SOS signal to 3 set numbers & make/receive phone calls to these numbers.
    • Push Panic Button that informs 3 predefined numbers of your exact location immediately
    • Make a phone call to 3 predefined numbers by pushing 1 button
    • Receive a phone call from 3 predefined numbers. Locate the unit by sending a simple SMS
    • Geo fence the unit by sending a simple SMS
    • 4 day battery time
    • Listen into the noises/voices surrounding the unit
    • Fall detection (unit will send an SMS with location if the person carrying the units falls and doesn’t move)
    • IDEAL FOR Children of all ages; Sports people who exercise alone such as cyclists; runners; hikers; mountain climbers, endurance athletes, motorbike riders & courier companies. Additional safety for individuals going out alone; elderly people; useful in hijacking situations

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