Dace Sprint 500 LCD Sliding Gate Motor Kit

Dace Sprint 500 LCD Sliding Gate Motor Kit

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    Dace Sprint 500 LCD Sliding Gate Motor Kit (Low V) Kit


    Don't get caught off guard. This super bright RED LED is an absolute must. It is visible from more than 100m and will flash under the following conditions: mains fail;low battery; service due; encoder fault & obstruction. Opens a 3m gate in less than 10 seconds.

    Kit Includes:
    • Sprint 500 Motor
    • 4m Rack
    • 2 x 4 Dace Button Remotes
    • Battery
    FREE Wireless Beam

    Features and Specs

    • LCD Interface
    • Ultra fast ppeed
    • External warning LED
    • Dual on-board receiver
    • Anti-crush
    • Party Mode
    • Pillar light switch output
    • Status LED output facility
    • Solar power ready
    • Battery back-up
    • Anti resistant housing
    • Beams auto-close (BAC)
    • Pedestrian opening
    • Variable Rampdown setting
    • Status LED output facility
    • Domestic
    • Max 100 per day 
    • 500kg Max gate mass 
    • 25m-min (100kg gate) Max gate speed
    • Electronic collision sensing
    • 12 Volts motor voltage
    • 120w Motor power
    • 16V AC (plug in trf) OR 200V AC (internal trf) Supply voltage